About John S. Rizzo

The vision for GlobeOnDemand was born in the spring of 2006 while John S. Rizzo was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

As he read the pages of the now infamous Business bestseller, The World is Flat, he began to understand how technology was making people around the globe increasingly connected and competitive. The internet and mobile phones were driving new businesses at alarming rates yet to be quantified.

John had no idea which industry he would be working in when the “real world” came calling a year later. However, with what he gleaned from the book and his experience studying marketing, he returned to the College of Charleston in August with a strong focus to answer that question.

John began taking on every project local business owners and non-profits shared with him to gain experience testing these new tools of online communication. He launched his business officially under the guidance of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and quickly became a resource locally.

As graduation inched closer, he continued to build on his vision for GlobeOnDemand. In the process of making connections and networking at Charleston Chamber of Commerce events, John landed a dream job as a consultant for Amazon.com’s publishing group.

The tech giant empowered him to hone his customer service and content marketing skills under rapid growth. He was blessed to work with thousands of entrepreneurs, authors and publishers during 3 years with the company.

When he wasn’t on the clock for Amazon he was giving back to the business and non-profit community, speaking about content marketing strategies and most importantly investing in resources that power GlobeOnDemand today.