Current Projects

In partnership with Coplan Consulting we created an online resource that contains video training modules for local, small business owners who want to learn about the power behind their FREE Google and Facebook Places listings.

Goals of current project include:

Help more business owners claim and verify their Google and Facebook Places listings

Help non-tech savvy business owners transform their FREE Google and Facebook Places listings into revenue producing business assets.

Help early adopters gain a sustainable advantage against their competition for years to come.

Make getting customers from the internet less of a mystery and more profitable.

Why are these Places important?

Places pages are dynamic and fully functional business websites from Google and Facebook that 90% are business owners are unaware even exist as a way to get new customers.

Whether its time spent searching or connecting, its no secret that billions of people go on Google and Facebook every single day. They continue accessing at an exponential rate from their mobile phones and tablets.

Google and Facebook has seen this coming for years which is why they both developed millions of these Places pages on their own dime for local, small and large companies around the globe to use as a marketing vehicle.

Now they are aggressively alerting business owners how they can use them more effectively to get new customers. will break down what it means to your bottom line.

In partnership with Authority Publishing we launched a paperback book, The Conference Catcher-An Organized Journal for Capturing Ideas, Resources, and Action Items at Educational Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events.

Goals of Current Project Include:
End post-conference procrastination for all.

Help attendees organize all the details during an event to ensure they return home with an action plan

Why is the Conference Catcher important?:

If you’ve attended an educational conference, took notes on random hotel notepads, met interesting people, collected business cards, and returned home loaded with nothing but ideas and enthusiasm you are not alone. While there were dozens of actions you intended to take immediately, upon your return to the real world, somehow those notes and ideas ended up in a pile somewhere and never got implemented.

The original Conference Catcher is to help you never again experience lost conference notes, resources, and contacts.

Whether taking notes in the audience or hosting the event, the Conference Catcher will be a valuable return on investment and resource you will refer to for years to come.

The Conference Catcher can be purchased from in small quantities:


Click here to inquire about large quantity orders to distribute or sell at events as well as cover and interior customization available for your business.

Entrepreneurs and Authorpreneurs Call for Submissions

In partnership with Stephanie Chandler, we are publishing a book about people who quit their job to start their own business.  We’re searching for interesting, funny, educational, and inspiring essays and interviews about your adventures in leaving corporate America behind to become an entrepreneur.

Goals of Current Project Include:

Tell the truth about what life is like after quitting a job and starting a business, including the challenges you faced and the solutions you found.

Help the reader feel like they have just made 30 new entrepreneurial friends.

Inspire others by sharing your journey.

Impress clients and peers by having your story published in a professionally produced book.

How to Participate?

We will select up to 30 top entries for publication in a new book due out later this year. Writers of selected essays will each receive complimentary copies of the book, business exposure with readers, potential media coverage, and the satisfaction of seeing your story in print.

Deadline: Submissions will be accepted through May 6, 2011 at midnight PST.

Simply complete an Interview Form or write an essay about your experiences.

Essay Themes:

Your essay should tell a story and either describe your journey as a whole (for example, “why I quit, what I did next, and where I am today”), or focus on a specific event from your journey, including any of the following topics:

The decision to quit my job
How I quit
How I started my business
Why I started my business
Challenges with running a business
How my business has grown
People who influenced my journey
What I wish I’d known then
What I would do differently if I was starting over today
What was most surprising about the journey

Contact today for more details